Huffington Bulletin

Huffington Bulletin


You'll discover a reduction in our social media presence. As a way to refrain from stuffing your email with messages from us, we're beginning a Huffington Bulletin with all the things you'll need to know. You can check weekly for updates.



Me + My Romance Friends 

Tickets are rapidly selling. As of today, Feb 16, there are only 25 overall tickets left for the event. First-class tickets sold out. However, I noticed it was the most popular of the tickets so I have left the option for you to purchase first-class tickets if you desire. Each additional first-class ticket will reduce one of the other options by one ticket so that it remains balanced and we don't oversell. The website will be updated around April 1st with more details, hotels, and information regarding the expectations, etc. So much has changed but the energy will be the same. Please come ready for a good time. 


Ledge + Lawe Audiobooks

Ledge is officially on Audible and ready for your consumption. Lawe is up for pre-order! The honorary Eisenberg men have entered the audiobook chat! If you haven't heard any of my audiobooks, please do yourself a favor and start listening today. By signing up for a monthly subscription with audible, you'll receive a credit monthly to listen to books you adore. 


The Huffington Classic Sticker Collection

It's here and it is beautiful. Design your kindles with a Grey Huffington twist! I've fallen in love with creating unique, very warm spreads on my Kindle. I didn't feel as though the stickers truly represented who I was as a writer and person so I decided to create my own, knowing that the #greygirlies probably felt the same. The collection included over 30 stickers with the Huffington theme, featuring some really cool designs that only the Huffington lovers will understand. 


Huffington Book Club Boxes

If you're wondering what the white tin is, it's a candle melt that you can use with a candle warmer. Just sit it on top and let it melt. It is simply a way to present the QR code that was intended for your eyes only. 


Final Friday

Episode one focuses on Glacier and Makai. Their story still feels so fresh and there's so much more to tell. Without a doubt, their story encouraged the idea of Final Friday. Feb 23rd by 10pm is when the episode is set to release. Please mark your calender. It's likely that an email will not be sent.


What's Next?

My next project is set to release in May of this year. Before I release any information about the project, I will be sharing an interactive Discovery Box with Huff Book Club. Inside of this box, you'll find a number of activities that will keep you active, your mind wondering, and your heart racing as you try to piece the puzzle together and discover what's happening next in Huffington. Boxes release March 22nd and ship March 25th. If you have a Discovery Box and can solve every clue within the box, you'll have access to project information before it's shared with the public as well as information the public will never have access to.


Huffington Awards

They're here and beautiful. They will ship Monday with the next batch of orders. I'm curious to see what's next and who is up next. 


Book Sacks

If I owe you a book sack, it will ship Monday along with awards and other packages. I never forgot you. Your packages will be extra special for the long wait. Thank you for your patience.


Book Dusters + Book Boxes

The distinctive Grey Huffington packaging that we all love has run low. We weren't expecting such an influx in orders this year. Because we've shipped over 400 books within the last sixty days, we've depleted our stock of dusters and book boxes. This hasn't happened, ever. More dusters and boxes are on the way. If you receive an order without either, please understand that our hearts are heavy because of it. We're restocking ASAP.



We're putting a hold on hardcovers as Amazon works through the kinks of shipping in a timely fashion. The wait/delays for hardcovers continues to increase, which makes it difficult for me to give accurate ship dates and information as they're concerned. Until further notice, they've been discontinued on my website. Those that are in stock are still available for purchase and will be shipped within 4-6 business days of ordering. 



The new web exclusive is available and ready for your consumption. Saylah didn't want to spend her Valentine's Day alone. Her new neighbor made sure she wouldn't have to. This story is short, quick, and hopeful. I enjoyed penning it. I hope you enjoy reading it.


Dear Nahla Reign

Watch my short film, Dear Nahla Reign FREE on Youtube. If you like/love it, please be sure to leave a comment and give the film a thumbs up. Subscribe for more short films in the future. 

Watch now


Me + My Romance Friends

Our event is down to the last 15 tickets. If you and your Romance Friends are planning to attend, now is the time to grab your tickets. Due to our venue having limited seating and trying to keep the event as intimate as possible, please note that ticket sales will not increase. Once the goal is met, there will not be any more tickets available. 

Down to 4 tickets (Feb 23)


Mercer Sticker Collection

Ready to add to your sticker collection? You'll find that Mercer + Vallei now have sticker options. If you purchased the Huffington Book Club Box for Jan, then you already have Mercer's stickers. Don't purchase twice unless you simply want to.


Final Friday is OUT NOW.

Episode one focuses on Glacier and Makai. Please mark your calender. It's likely that an email will not be sent.


Me + My Romance Friends passes are SOLD OUT.

All passes are sold out. Once Grey concludes her current project, we will be updating the site with new information, suggesting accommodations, and begin sending emails that will help make your trip to Huffington one to remember. 

13 attendees are NOT signed up for email marketing. Please be sure to send an order issue form if you have not received the initial Me + My Romance Friends email by Feb 24 at 8pm.



Lose Control - Teddy Swims

F**k the World - Brent Faiyaz | Just because I haunt you, it don't mean I want you... I don't. You've got some high hopes.


Virtual Attendee tickets are available for ME + MY ROMANCE FRIENDS.

If you missed the opportunity to purchase tickets to Me + My Romance Friends, consider the virtual attendee option with almost all the perks of physical attendees. Details and tickets are here. Sales are limited. 


Fully Stocked

Here at HuffingtonHQ, we're aware the website is sold out of almost every book we offer. We feel the void. Our shelves are the emptiest they've ever been (The amount of orders we've received this year has wiped us clean). We're happy to share with you we've made strides to change this. Between March 7 and 15, you will see the book stock increase and items that were once sold out come back in stock. If you're in search of a particular book, use the 'notify' me button to get notified when your item is restocked. There will be a few website closures during the month of March as we receive inventory. More information will be shared soon.

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