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G. Huffington

berkeley city tee

berkeley city tee

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this year, we moved to berkeley for a while

grab your tees to represent the city of the heavy hitters 

kleu, lawe, malachi, milo, makai, mercer and many more are from the land. 

this isn't an ordinary, thin, white merch shirt. this thick, high-quality cotton shirt is stylish and modern. the drop shoulder is incredible as well as the variation of blacks/grays as a result of being hand-washed. 


XXL are up for pre-order. If you need an XXL, please expect your shirt to ship mid-June. 


things to note:

  • 100% cotton
  • premium quality
  • acid washed (shades of black/gray varies due to acid washing)
  • drop shoulder
  • super thick material
  • limited quantity 


Shirts are in stock now (except XXL). If you have a shirt that ships this week (i love you tee), it will be added to that shipment. There's a limited quantity of shirts on-hand so grab yours now if you don't want to be part of the second round of shirts (which ship in about a month). 


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