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G. Huffington

Dear Nahla Reign -- The Film

Dear Nahla Reign -- The Film

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After witnessing their mother’s memory deteriorate at the ripe age of 42, tragically ending in her death, Nahla and her sisters made an incredible, very important promise to their future selves — remember the kind of love worth writing about. 

Throughout their entire lives, there was one thing that stood out to the Lockhart girls. That was their parents unwavering, undeniable, and uncompromising love for one another. Watching their mother forget just how prominent that love was over the course of four years while dementia ripped their lives apart, broke their hearts each and every day. Not remembering a single detail about a love that was as beautiful and as rare left their father hopeless and helpless. 

Nahla has given up on her chances of finding true love. Just when her search came to a screeching halt, it comes knocking at her door. Literally. An old face and new feelings leads Nahla to the kind of love worth writing about. 

In this short film, follow Nahla’s narration of her love story as she pens a letter to her future self — in the event that she’s plagued with dementia. 

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