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G. Huffington

Dear Nahla Film Investment

Dear Nahla Film Investment

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Shirt Size (Tier 3+ 4)

And, I want to extend the opportunity to invest in this beautiful project. As a thank you, investors will receive several gifts depending on the investment. There are 4 tiers.


Tier 1: Printed copy of the movie (in book form) - $25

Tier 2: Printed copy of the movie (in book form) + a signed movie poster - $50

Tier 3: Everything in Tier 2 + a shirt - $100

Tier 4: Everything in Tier 3 + ending credits on the movie - $200


Your investment will cover things such as actors, extras, costumes, hair and makeup, camera equipment, audio equipment, licensing for music, camera crew, assistant director, props, location rentals, food and expenses for actors and crew, editing software, and more.


Investment Opportunities end 1-31

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