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G. Huffington

Baisleigh (Physical)

Baisleigh (Physical)

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This book is free. I’ve ordered 50 copies of Baisleigh and will be giving them away for free as I continue to say THANKS to everyone. The .75 is to cover Shopify fees that are associated with each sell. Shipping + handling is required. 

please note that Baisleigh is a 66 page short story that’s and extension of Laike. It is not a standalone book. 

books ship the week of may 19. 

shipping + handling includes:

shipping from book supplier


Packaging (envelope) 

shipping to your door 

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Is this book available on Amazon?

Possibly. You can find the complete list of my books on Amazon here.

Can I rate this book?

Yes. Please rate it! You can use the review entry below to leave your review for this book. It helps me out a lot.

Is this an instant download?

Instant downloads are listed as SHORT STORIES here and are in the Instant Download collection. They're usually around 4-7k in length and are great starting points/quick breaks for everyone.