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G. Huffington



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note: elm is a novelette  



Summer nights… the ones we envisioned as teenagers but didn’t begin experiencing until adulthood. Blaring horns. Beckoning men. Loud speakers. And that one guy… the one everybody knows but know nothing about finally notices you after what feels like forever. Fortunately for you both, it is forever.




Easy on the eyes, his entire aesthetic was pleasing. From the denim jacket and chains down to the multi-colored Jordans, he resembled something straight out of a music video, as if he laid tracks. 

But he didn’t. He laid bricks. One by one, rebuilding Dooley one rehabbed home at a time. Though I no longer lived in the area, there were two sets of big, brown eyes waiting by the door for my bi-weekly visits. Tash’s twins were my Goddaughters and being their second mom was a job I didn’t take lightly. 

Grady. Everyone knew his name but not very many people knew him. For the most part, he was a figment of Dooley’s imagination. Hardly home but always repping. Drake had him in mind when writing that bar. His signs lined the lawns of the homes he’d purchased throughout Dooley, however, he rarely graced the neighborhood with his presence. Tonight was a rare occasion. 

I was amongst royalty. Channing City Royalty



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Customer Reviews

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A good love story

I love a good love story. This was perfection. Short and sweet.

Treya Allen
Dear Future Readers….

This beautiful story allows the reader a glimpse of the origin SOC Elm and Grady’s life story. In the span of one night we are invited into intimate spaces that paint the intricacies of their love and are left wondering where they are, how did they navigate the rough patches of life, what are holidays like, and what is next. I cannot recommend this story enough. Grey has a way of drawing you in and letting you see the everyday life within Huffington.

Chelsea Reid

I have a love/have relationship with novellas, except for Grey’s 😭. Im always left with a cliffhanger and wanting more from the story. However, Elm & Grady’s story felt familiar, passionate, and complete. Grey does a great job of providing necessary information on how they individually coexist within Dooley without meeting until now. In a short read, she successfully lays the foundation of their connection, validates their feelings for one another, and solidifies a life together. This was the perfect cure to a reading slump I’ve been in since Chemistry/Anna. I get excited when I can start to piece together other Huffington couples. I love how she subtly gave us an update on another couple I adore, Hussle and Yaya. Check out Give her Love.Give her Power for their story. 💞


Good read, it was good to have an update on Hussel

Ijalae Rodriguez
Short and beautiful

A wonderful stand alone that makes you giggle.