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Emancipation of Emoree

Emancipation of Emoree

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I assumed it was the start of nothing.
But, the way that his existence validated my senses, I quickly learned that it was the start of something. From the moment my eyes rested on him, the gravitational pull was inexplicable. It wasn’t that I ever wanted to explain, either.
Not to my mind.
Not to my soul.
Not to my heart.

And, not to my lungs that possibly wondered why I had been deprived of more oxygen since the day he’d walked into my room than I had in my entire life. Because, then I would have to conjure a hell of an excuse as to why I was combating every follicle that summed up my own existence, beliefs and morals. Unfortunately, I had none. Not one. All I knew was that I’d been captured by the husky beast and the eagerness to be saved had failed me.

I wanted to be here.
Right here.
And nowhere else in the world would suffice.
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