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G. Huffington

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

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a short story.


After finally discovering her voice and blazing her own path, Ava comes to terms with the fact that her life is better without the toxicity that her family, shamelessly, participate in and bestow on others. This year is the first of many filled with lonely holidays, birthdays, and nights. Thanksgiving has always been a holiday that she enjoyed but for the first time ever, she won't be gathering with family, gracing the food, or being subjected to belly-rumbling laughter.

In an effort to start her own little traditions and not let the holiday go to waste, she decides to try her hand at some of their family recipes to make her new apartment feel a little more like home. She was expecting long lines and chaos at the grocery store. What she wasn't expecting was to bump into her newest neighbor, Trent. Neither was she expecting the encounter to change the trajectory of her holiday - or life forever. 


Releases 11/23 and will be automatically sent to all pre-orders placed.

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Possibly. You can find the complete list of my books on Amazon here.

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Instant downloads are listed as SHORT STORIES here and are in the Instant Download collection. They're usually around 4-7k in length and are great starting points/quick breaks for everyone.