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Half & Half

Half & Half

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I was open for him.
All night & all day.
Just like the coffee shop I’d met him at that day luck was on my side.

It was one cup of coffee.
My last five dollars.
And a sign of good faith.

Who’d ever known the man I given my last to would be Levee Billion, prominent figure and one of Huffington Mill’s most eligible bachelors. Did I mention he was filthy fxcking rich?

Just before he slid into his foreign whip, he’d left my mind in a frenzy and my body on fire. One wink and a thank you note with his number attached.

“Call me if you’re ever in need.”

Of course I was in need.
I had been since the day I smelled his obnoxious cologne.
Witnessed his intoxicating smile.
Been blessed with his lingering presence.

I’d become addicted.
His absence was vexatious.
Even, now, the thought of our differences keeping us apart had me strung out and stressed out.
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