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G. Huffington

Huff Book Club Box of the Month

Huff Book Club Box of the Month

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Welcome to the club!

Each (release) month, find book boxes dedicated to your favorite characters in the Huffington realm. Listed are book boxes, their months, and what is included in each box. Options will remain available until they sell out. They'll be removed and won't return due to the nature of the products. 


Mercer Book Box Includes:

  • A tall glass of Mercer clear 13oz mug
  • 5-piece sticker set for journaling, Kindle designing, or collecting
  • Vallei (novelette) ft. Anything (10 poems from Fleur Novelles) 
  • Autographed copy of Mercer (hardcover or paperback)

Note that the average paperback order is $38.99 with shipping. The average hardcover order is $44.99 with shipping. Add a little luxury to your delivery by upgrading to an official Huff Book Club Box that includes a special, surprise item (in addition to those listed above) every month. From books to book-loving trinkets, you'll be in for a treat with every release.

Need to Know:

  • Paperback gift boxes ship Feb 6. Hardcover boxes ship Feb 16-19.
  • Orders end when boxes sell out.
  • The speed of the HARDCOVER boxes depends solely on the delivery of hardcovers from Amazon. They could ship sooner or up to 4 business days later. I will keep everyone with hardcover orders updated if there is a delay. Otherwise, boxes will be shipped within 1-2 business days of being received. 


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