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G. Huffington



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She’s a gem.

And on an entirely different level than the women I’m accustomed to.

She’s loyal and about her paper. That’s why I’d sacrifice the only friendships I’d ever known, wait for however long it took her to be ready, and happily sever ties with anyone who didn’t agree with or was against our union. Because the little spoiled brat that I once considered off-limits had given me a taste of her forbidden fruit and there was nothing I’d stop at to maintain the privilege of burying my seeds in her garden.

He’s a friend.

And doesn’t mind risking it all for me.

The truth is, I just can’t get enough of him. From his jet-black skin to his uncompromisingly addictive smile, he has me in a chokehold. However, our union isn’t as simple as we wish it was. That’s why I can’t see myself breaking my brothers’ hearts, destroying our family’s dynamic, or disappointing the man that means the most to me to be with him. I’d already cost him enough pain and suffering for the sake of love. I couldn’t bring myself to do it again.

PLEASE NOTE: This book is 100,000 words and is over 490 pages so the price reflects it. All books will be autographed. 

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