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G. Huffington

Malachi Physical Copies

Malachi Physical Copies

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When souls are tied, it’s never goodbye.

A boy, I was, the day that I met you that summer evening, pulling your belongings out of the truck and into your new home. I knew it was love then.

A whole man, I was, the day that you met me at the altar and agreed to love me until death do us part.

A shell of a man, I’ve become since it did. Unable to move on, move forward, or progress in any way until I discovered that not even death was permanent enough to keep us apart.

A better man, I’m destined to be, knowing that at some capacity you’re still with me. Our love is one that never dies. It moves mountains. It calms seas. It transfers souls and shifts lifetimes knowing that there is no one else in this world made for loving me.

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