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G. Huffington



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I’m not the n*gga you can creep with, Pretty.

Smitten, I was, the day I stepped into your space, uninvited and unable to give a simple fuck.

Aroused, I was, the second your lips parted and your words serenaded me. Without a doubt, I knew I would take the opportunity to part the lower pair and mark my territory with precision.

Disheartened, I was to learn that you had vowed to another n*gga what should’ve been mine from the beginning, whether I’d stumbled into your world yet or not. The fact that you settled without meeting me first left a bitter taste in my mouth, forcing my hand. My mission was easily established, and I refused to rest until you were beside me.

Whole, I became, the moment God answered those prayers I put in and blessed me beyond measure. From that day, my priority has been and will always be catering to your every desire because you deserve a love that doesn’t make you wonder, whimper, or worry. I’ve got that kind of love and I’m here to give it to you.


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Tiffany Hoskins
Berkeley Bred

I was so excited for this package. It arrived days before the estimated delivery date and I have never received books that were packaged as beautifully as these. The outer sleeve looks so pretty I almost didn’t want to open them. But I did!😊


Just when I thought it couldn't get better, you gave me Mercer. ❤️