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The Sweetest Love Set

The Sweetest Love Set

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The Sweetest Revenge

After four years of a staggering situationship, Earth finally comes to grips with the fact that her bedmate, Premise, is uninterested in changing their status. She's the only one to blame and takes full responsibility for the lack of commitment he's shown throughout their time together. As another year rolls around, and their fifth anniversary approaches, Earth decides that she can no longer withstand his ill-treatment and the neglecting of her deepest desires. She conjures a plan and, strategically, dismantles Premise from his core with a simple tap of her finger and flick of her wrist.

For Premise, the term, "What you won't do, another will," doesn't quite hold relevance in his life until he's on the receiving end of indescribable pain caused by the woman he thought would continue to wait in vain until he noticed her.


The Sweetest Redemption

Redemption is self-served, but is the sweetest when administered by someone unsuspected during a time that you least expect it.

After four years of a staggering situationship, Earth finally comes to grips with the fact that her bedmate is uninterested in changing their status. In The Sweetest Revenge, Earth rids herself of Premise, her previous lover, through sweet, unintentional revenge.

In The Sweetest Redemption, Earth is blindsided when her life takes an unexpected turn and spirals out of control. Bad luck seems to be the only luck she’s granted for months on end. But, good fortune soon follows a steamy encounter Earth has with Dozier Marcellus, known as Doc to the world, of whom she thought would disappear from her life just as fast as he’d entered. However, she couldn’t have been more incorrect.

It was…
One event.
One night.
One look.
One connection.
One touch.
And one unforgettable exchange that leads both Earth and Dozier to a romance far beyond both of their fantasies.

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