[Malachi] Stop Playing Games

[Malachi] Stop Playing Games


Unedited. Unreleased. 

Note: If you don't believe in the unbelievable, this one is not for you. The next book in this series is where you're welcomed to pick back up. This is not an opportunity to beat up on MY imagination or creativity. It is as deep and as soulful as every Grey Huffington book you've ever picked up. If you're alright with that, keep reading

You have been warned that this book contains paranormal activity.




I chastised myself under her glare, because is was damning. It made me aware of my own gaze, in her direction as she twirled her thumbs and shifted her weight from one foot to the other. She’d ditched the basic cubical classic slacks and button down and settled for a loose-fitting dress that made her beauty timeless, as effortless as it was. 

Fueled with anger and resentment for things I felt for this total stranger, I cut my eyes in the opposite direction and made sure my feet followed. I hadn’t gotten far before her delicacy burdened me. The sound of her voice playing like the sweetest melody on fresh vinyl in your favorite room. 

“What do you usually eat?”

I closed my eyes, expecting my dear Anna behind my lids, but what I found was something much different. Something much more real. Something much more tangible. Aeir’s legs spread wide on the dinning room table, daring me to feast. 

“Food is plentiful.”

“I don’t eat meat,” she sniggered with a sigh, seemingly afraid to admit that bit of information. My heart dropped at the sound of her confession.

Neither did my Anna. 

“Hopefully, I don’t sound weird,” she added, the silence eating at her conscious. 

“Me, either. The garden is open twenty-four hours a day. So are the fields. Have your way.” 

“Really? Seriously? Are you for real?”

Instead of taking offense and responding to her questions, I continued out of the door. And, just before I hit the porch, she stopped me in my tracks, again. 

“Thanks, Mal.” 

Whipping my neck in her direction, I tried my hardest not to break it in the process. A gasp fell from those lips that were much too big for her face as confusion followed. I stepped back into her space, head tilted and eyes squinted to the point that I could hardly see much of anything. But, I could see her. Right in front of me, she stood, worried without a clue. 

“What did you just call me?” I asked. 

“I– uh– I,” she stuttered, genuinely trying to find the words to say. 

“Aeir,” I grimaced, “What did you just call me? What’d you say on my way out?”

“M– Mal.”

“Why?” My heart ached at the sound of it. 

Far too much time had passed since the last time I’d heard it come from her lips and to hear it now left me gutted, enraged, and aroused at once. I craved violence and peace, simultaneously. I wanted to hit something, hurt something, shoot something. But, I wanted hear something most–hear her say that shit over and over until she was blue in the face. 

“Why?” She breathed heavily. 

“Why would you say that?”

“I– I don’t kn–”

“I never gave you my name,” I reminded her, “So how the fuck do you know my name, Aeir?” 

“I don’t know,” she admitted. 

The fact that I believed her left me feeling uneasy. 

“Who the fuck do you work for?” I asked, deep in her mix and refusing the personal space she’d once been granted. 

Stepping back to put space between us, she tried diffusing the situation. Her composure wasn’t altered and her calmness never faded as I watched her inhale deeply and then exhale. She remained collected and reserved as she attempted to share the energy. 

“My intentions weren’t to rattle you, but it’s the God’s honest truth when I say that it just came out. I hadn’t noticed what I’d said until you asked me to repeat myself. Is that your name? Is your name Mal?”

“You don’t get to call me that, so it doesn’t fucking matter. Maybe this was a bad idea. This shit–”

“Mr. Domino,” she cut me off, “I got it. You’re Mr. Domino from here on out.”

It was impossible to maintain the state I was in with her looking up at me the way she was with those button-shaped eyes full of remorse and regret. I pushed out air, hoping to cleanse my thoughts, but it was difficult. Questions began to arise that I needed answers to, yet she didn’t have them to give. 

“It won’t happen again,” she assured me. 

Hesitantly, I backed out of the door and onto the porch. When I started my journey back to the main house on the property, everything felt foreign. I tried regaining control of my breathing, but it proved to be much more difficult than I’d expected. Nevertheless, I prevailed. My legs didn’t stop moving until I was inside my home and in my bedroom with my knees on the floor. 

“God, quit playing these fucking games with my heart.” 

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I love this book 🥺🧎🏼‍♀️

Nontando Mchunu

This read was amazing and powerful! Finished it in sitting patiently awaiting the story of Milo!


I can already tell this one is gonna pull at my heartstrings.


Whew!!! Can’t wait to enter the world of Malachi


The way you pull on my heartstrings with your words… whew chile

Bianca S.

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