Hold them ankles...

Hold them ankles...

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“What are we do–”

“Shut up, Pretty.”

I needed her silence more than my next breath. Otherwise, I’d make sense of the situation and take her ass right home where she needed to be. 

She’d already unbuckled the seatbelt by the time I made it to her. I helped her down and led her into the house with the truck still running. We wouldn’t be very long. With pint up frustrations on both of our ends, I wasn’t counting on an extensive stay. 

“Mercer. Please. Expla–”

“Pull all that shit down. And, please, shut the fuck up, baby.” 

Obliging, she freed her bottom half, exposing parts of her that I wanted in my mouth, on my dick, and sliding across my face. Sending her home un-fucked was something I simply couldn’t manage. I needed her too exhausted and too fucking high off this dick to even pay that nigga any mind. I needed her to have her fix, one that would hold her over until the next time I slid in her guts. 

“Hold them ankles, Pretty.”

“Caaaaaaap—” she moaned, and I’d barely even touched her. 

My fingertip brushed against the dark parts of her pussy that buried that pink pretty shit that drove a nigga wild. 

“Arch that back. Put that pussy in the air.”


“Don’t make me say that shit twice.”

I entered her realm with two fingers, moist from the cream I’d swiped from her drippings. 

“Ooooooh God.”

“That’s exactly who we both need.”

With those last words, I replaced my fingers with my tool, digging in her shit with ease. She was so fucking wet. Always wet. Too fucking wet. Shit was ridiculous and needed to be studied. 

“And you better not fall, Pretty, or we running this shit back until you get it together.”

In and out of her, I stroked. The sound of her appreciation made it hard to hear anything else. I stirred in her shit, making sure to rearrange her insides in ways that only I could repair. 

“Mercerrrr, I’m cumming.”

“I see,” I confessed, watching her pussy spit out the prettiest filth I’d ever witnessed. 

On the tips of her toes as her legs began to weaken, she stumbled forward. 

“Pretty,” I called out.

Quickly, she reclaimed her balance on unsteady legs. Her pussy contracted around my dick, extracting my semen from my sack. With each stroke that followed, I risked letting off in that shit. And, hadn’t I wanted to bury my dick in her mouth, I would’ve. But, I had other plans. 

I pulled out of her, reluctantly, hating the freedom immediately. Cold air after a warm, cozy stay was treacherous. I fell to my knees and lapped up the remnants of her gratification. 

“Merrrrr,” she dragged, surely ready to fall on her face. 

“Pretty,” I warned. 

She straightened up, ankles still resting against her palms. I stood up, stroking my dick as I rounded her, loving her form. She was flawless. She was mine

“On your knees.”

I watched her scramble before plopping onto the floor, happy to fulfill the request. With a fist full of braids, I slid my dick into her mouth. It wasn’t until my veins disappeared and I tapped the back of her throat that I stopped and pulled all the way out to give her a second to breathe. 

She’d need all the oxygen she could get, because once I reentered her warmth, I wasn’t coming out until vomit was on my floor or my cum was sliding down her throat. Those were the only options. 

“Open up for him.”

****** content removed ****** 

Both holes were wet. My preference. My type of shit. 

Tapping against the back of her throat made her stomach cave. The threats of vomit that was shown with each stroke was pure motivation as I became lost in her world. Slob ran down her chin, landing on her chest and titties. 

****** content removed ****** 

I fucked her face. Slowly, intensely. 


“You look so fucking pretty.” 

It was hard, keeping my shit together when she was being such a good, good girl and looking so damn pretty doing so. I clenched the cheeks of my ass, feeling my nut reach the tip of my dick. My toes curled so rapidly they popped. 

****** content removed ****** 


I released my load, feeling the weight of the world lift from my shoulders. I closed my eyes, desperate to calm my racing heart. 

“Swallow it, Pretty. Quit playing with it.” 

I opened my eyes to see Vallei push the mouth full of cum down her throat. Savoring it was useless. There was more to come. 

****** content removed ****** 

“I need to wash up.”

“Put your clothes back on. We’re leaving.”


“You’re not washing shit off, Pretty. I said we’re **********. I never said I wouldn’t let that nigga know what time it is.”

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Is it bad that I read it again? Woman stop the torture and release it EARLY!!! PLEASE……I think Mercer is my new Favorite 😍


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