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G. Huffington

Virtual Me + My Romance Friends '24 Weekend Passes

Virtual Me + My Romance Friends '24 Weekend Passes

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Missed the chance to grab a ticket for Me + My Romance Friends this year? Don't worry. Virtual passes are here and they're incredible this year with most of the same perks as our physical attendees. 

Passes include exclusive access to attendee footage, live streaming, official merch, event bags, and more. For details, please read carefully.

Tickets are limited. We're seven months out and can't guarantee they won't sell out.

Please be sure to save the file that you receive after making your purchase. You'll need it for access to your hub. Please read the disclaimer below before making your purchase.

Virtual Attendee Perks:

  • official me + my romance friends event bag (shipped the week leading up to the event)
  • me + my romance friends merch/trinkets
  • official virtual attendee ticket
  • private event footage
  • virtual attendee digital photo frame for social posting
  • live access on day 2 + 3 (30-60 minutes. Still meet your favorite authors and have a chance to say HELLO!)
  • dedicated virtual attendee hub with all content
  • framed name at me + my romance friends (virtual attendee list)

Disclaimer: Unauthorized images/videos of Grey Huffington and Miss Jenesequa are prohibited. To maintain/respect the integrity of both brands, please refrain from capturing either guest unless advised. Detailing the event and your experience in its entirety on your personal devices is encouraged, excluding the restrictions expressed above. 

NOTE: I never expected tickets to sell out so soon. Because the location and logistics are set in stone, I'm unable to increase ticket numbers. I hope this helps anyone that really wants to be a part of the event. Thank you for considering it!

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